Tuesday, March 29, 2011

TV still number one market for advertising

Someone on Twitter posted a link to an article on AdAge that revealed that television is still the number one market for advertising. I found this particularly interesting considering half of my blog posts are about how the internet is revolutionizing marketing and advertising.

According to this article, 39.1% of advertising dollars are spent on television, ranking it number one over the internet and print. This news comes as somewhat of a shock to those, like myself, who assumed that television advertising dollars would shift toward the internet with the always increasing amount of time people spend online.

The article continues with a quote from eMarketer CEO Geoff Ramsey which points out that new trendy social media, cell phone apps, and things of the like are having little to no effect on consumers television habits. eMarketer estimates that $64.5 billion will be spent on TV advertising next year, almost double the amount marketers will spend on the internet.

While I find this fact interesting considering how much credit people are giving social media because of a shift in societal norms, I also find it somewhat scary. Among statistics of television's durability, what I gathered from this article was that now more than ever, we can't escape media. Our attention isn't being shifted by social media, it is being joined alongside television, film, music, and literature. What defines a media overload?


  1. I totally think if people are using all forms of media 100% that is a media overload. However, I do not think most people use every app on their phone, every social media site, and watch TV almost every day all day. I think people use small portions of each, which is not a bad thing to me. It is surprising that TV is still number one market for advertising but when I think about it, it makes sense. Most people would rather watch TV on their big screen than their small laptop, and you cannot escape TV commercials like you can the commercials when you’re watching a show online. This might be because when people watch TV they are sitting down comfortable, fully paying attention to the TV and will watch the advertisements, where as when people watch TV on their computer, when advertisements come up they might minimize the screen and start googling something else. Good question!

  2. Because the internet is for a fairly new form of media, it's aimed towards a younger generation. TV has been dominant as a form of media for a long time. I do believe that soon the internet will be dominant in terms of advertising.

  3. I think that there might be a shift eventually to internet marketing, but TV advertisements are still widely used because an audience will pay attention to an ad on TV before they do on the internet. When I’m on-line I mute every ad that appears on Pandora, Hulu or Youtube. As well as disregard every ad on Facebook. Also there is still a large portion of the population who isn’t connected to the internet.

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